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Invitation To Devon & Cornwall Police


Last week I was kindly invited to Devon & Cornwall Police by Chief Superintendent Jim Nye to see the police driver training that they do now. Personally I was very impressed with their driver training. I did remark to Chief Supt Nye that I would like to see their officers trained in suicide awareness. I explained that I am aware of the pressure a police officer is under when they are confronted by this issue and my campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the stigma that mental health causes. I told Chief Supt Nye that personally I honestly feel that training in suicide awareness is as much to help the police officer as indeed the suicidal person/driver they may encounter. I remarked that I am very aware that not all suicidal people can be saved but that I feel that training in suicide awareness and promoting the principal of least intrusion in dealing with a suicidal driver would I feel be of huge benefit to the police officer should they encounter such tragic and extremely stressful scenarios.

I Spoke at Devon & Cornwall Police about the Campaign:

Chief Superintendent Jim Nye Talks about the Training Programme:

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