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Visiting To Wish A ‘Happy New Year’

I visited our family grave, as I like to call it ‘Baba Oisin’s Garden’ yesterday, as I normally do most days. New Year’s Eve for me personally, is a harder day as ‘you’re saying Goodbye to yet another year, as in the Last Time We were Together is even Longer!! which as a mom, dad, […]

Putting Up The Christmas Tree!

Putting up the Christmas Tree is a very beautiful and normal, needless to mention exciting event for most families. I hear you say most? Sadly, for some it is a no go occasion, as has been for me for many years after July 2012! I remember Christmas 2013 making the effort of lighting Christmas candles […]

Our Last Days Together! #LifeIsPrecious

June 30th, 8 years ago, Con, Baba Oisín & I arrived in Torquay for our ten day break away. Thank God I didn’t realise it was our final adventure together as a family! We had left home in Cork heading for Rosslare, on the previous afternoon after my wonderful Mom and Dad had called with […]

Twomey Family Remorial Virtual 2020 #Remembering #LifeIsPrecious

I am honestly overwhelmed at the amazing response to our events. Back in March when we sadly had to cancel our Twomey Family Remorial Weekend, which of course had to be done for Covid safety reasons, I was, needless to mention, emotional. I suppose my thinking was Our Beauties and their ‘Life Is Precious’ Legacy […]

My Visit To The National Rehabilitation Hospital

Late last month, on Nov 28th I was kindly invited to join the Road Safety Authority & An Garda Síochána in their launch of this years Christmas and New Year Road Safety appeal at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoighre. It was personally for me an extremely moving event! The fact that it was […]

Suicide Awareness Training For All Police Officers, Gardaí & Control Room Staff

Almost 6 years ago I travelled back to Torquay in Devon for any Mom’s ‘living nightmare’, My Beautiful Little Man, Baba Oisín’s inquest. Precious Baba Oisín had left us as a result of the horrific impact of our crash with Marek RIP. It was in a word horrendous!! Being back in the beautiful town where […]

#ProjectEDWARD For Me!

So what’s Project EDWARD?? To Me …. Project EDWARD is a marvellous Road Safety Awareness initiative which ultimately holds all our dreams! On September 26th Project EDWARD is aiming at a European Day Without A Road Death through marvellous podcasts, Tweets etc but as James so eloquently explains: ” We want Every Day Without A Road […]

July 6th, 7 Years On #LifeIsPrecious

July 6th will always be the Blackest Day in our calendar year for obvious reasons! I’m sure prior to our family tragedy on July 6th 2012, I looked at the year from January to December, as in how many days to Christmas, Summer holidays etc. but since 2012 life revolves pretty much around July 6th. […]

In The Blink Of An Eye Life Changed Forever #LifeIsPrecious

OUR BEAUTIFUL CAREFREE LIFE AS WAS IN JULY 2012 AND THEN, JULY 6TH AND MAY 3RD 2013 WHY, WHY, WHY, SO SO MANY WHY’S? Everyone goes on holiday, so we did that, we went for 10 days to the sunny south east Devon, a truly beautiful part of England. I was afraid to fly as […]

Some Moments From Our 2018 Twomey Family Remorial #LifeIsPrecious

Here are a selection of the many memorable moments from our 2018 Twomey Family Remorial. Huge Thanks to you All for your continued support. No doubt Con, Baba Oisín & Little Lady are Smiling down on you all! And a big big Thank You to The Shruggs for allowing me to use their beautiful music […]

Twomey Family Remorial 2018

Twomey Family Remorial Weekend had a momentous occasion in having our 5th Twomey Family Remorial Weekend on June 9th and 10th. It was our first landmark anniversary in remembering Con, Baba Oisín and Baby Elber-Marie and in promoting how precious life is. Our 2018 Twomey Family Remorial has had numerous highlights. Firstly to our wonderful […]

Twomey Family Remorial Runs In Kilkenny 🙂

2017 saw Twomey Family Remorial extend to Kilkenny also.  It was fabulous to see over 50 people run in Kilkenny in Twomey Family Remorial shirts for us, thanks to our dear friend and committee member Nigel O’Donovan who organised it with the support of his work colleagues at Their neighbours at VHI Healthcare showed great […]

It’s Our 5th Twomey Family Remorial #LifeIsPrecious

Twomey Family Remorial Weekend is getting ready for a momentous occasion in that we are having our 5th Twomey Family Remorial Weekend on June 9th and 10th. It is our first landmark anniversary in remembering Con, Baba Oisín and Baby Elber-Marie and in promoting how precious life is. Each year we have had huge crowds […]

TISPOL European Road Safety Conference 2017 #LifeIsPrecious

I was absolutely delighted to have the opportunity of attending the TISPOL European Road Safety Conference in Manchester again this year. I have been so blessed by the help, support and warm welcome from the fabulous TISPOL Team, Chief Supt Aidan Reid, General Secretary Ruth Purdie and James Lockhurst to name but a few.  The […]


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