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July 6th, 7 Years On #LifeIsPrecious

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July 6th will always be the Blackest Day in our calendar year for obvious reasons!

I’m sure prior to our family tragedy on July 6th 2012, I looked at the year from January to December, as in how many days to Christmas, Summer holidays etc. but since 2012 life revolves pretty much around July 6th. I suppose in a word it’s grief!

Yesterday 7 years ago Con, Baba Oisín and I had the most magical morning introducing Oisín to the swimming pool! (and I’m pretty sure Little Lady loved it too, from what I can recall) We had real fun, Our Beautiful Precious Little Man was utterly fascinated that a bath could be so big, it was hilarious, in a beautiful way. While I remember him being a tad scared initially in the baby pool, hanging onto Mom, within minutes he was quite independent. And minutes later with the comfort of armbands and his adoring dad he was ‘swimming’ in the big pool, proud out! It was and is a picture embedded in my heart, truly special.

After our pool adventure we returned to our apartment for silly me to have a quick shower to take the chlorine out of my then ‘blonde’ hair. Whilst I was silly showering Con took the most amazing photos of Baba, which to me are ‘My Lotto’.2012_0706Oisín0029

Then we headed downstairs to have our lunch in the restaurant before heading to the indoor playcentre for Baba Oisín. As you all probably know, tragically we never got there!

This year as always the week’s anniversary leading up to our tragic crash is one which is ‘bitter sweet’ reliving our last moments together as a family.

July 6th for me has and possibly will be always a ‘shut down’ day for me where some might call ‘I wallow in self pity, for all the what if’s and maybe if’s. It’s a day I dread all year as it means that My Beauties are gone so much longer!

Yesterday I woke, (needless to mention after slight sleep, but terribly grateful for what I got) I woke to many thoughtful messages from dear friends who remembered the Black Day that it is for us.

I spent time with my wonderful family before heading for self time to our grave and obviously crying loads more there while reminiscing and saying a few Prayers. Strangely while I hadn’t planned on it but my Rosary was just finishing at the horror 2.47pm! After which I drove to Kerry to walk the beach. As I was leaving Blennerville I pulled into a service station to get a sandwich. When I pulled up there were wonderful alerts on our @TwomeyWeekend Twitter from our great pals Paudie & Ger Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 00.12.26

and Brendan, our Twomey Family Remorial cycle safety officer

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 00.13.55

All of whom were doing the staggering Ring of Kerry Cycle, Needless to mention, they did bring a smile to me!

After I went to exit the service station, there was lots of traffic and then a bike. I paused to look nosily at his cycle jersey to discover it wasn’t a jersey I recognised but that he was wearing our Twomey Family Remorial buff 🙂 – A Message From Heaven

I had the most peaceful walk on Derrymore Strand, it’s a hidden treasure in Kerry.

When I returned to the car, there were lovely messages from dear friends remembering the significant day it is, which means a lot needless to mention!

After my walk I headed to Mass in Castleisland on my route home. I wanted to go to Mass on the day it was but just didn’t fancy the normal chit chat at home. Interestingly enough at the end of Mass before the final Blessing, the priest Prayed for all who’ve been affected by Road traffic Crashes and ‘in particular for all families who’ve lost Loved Ones’ because of road crashes.  – To me, A Message From Heaven

I called to see my beautiful Mom and Dad on the way home, it’s a tragic day for them too and I wanted them to see I was ‘ok’

When I returned back home I took a look on Twitter to find a beautiful tribute to Con, Baba Oisín and Little Lady from a dear lady, Chief Inspector Newman at UK Home Office

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 00.52.47

Another Message from Heaven 🙂

This morning was our Beautiful Man’s Mass in the Rock, it’s as emotional as the first for obvious reasons, afterall if life were normal he should be going to mine in time!

After Mass family and close friends headed to Mom and Dad’s for lunch as has become the norm. Fantastic parents beyond words! Not just today, but my goodness everyday since and before July 6th 2012! So very blessed to have them!

7 years later, I’m here, My Beauties are in Heaven and I Hope Please God one day I’ll get there too! But in the meantime I’ll continue to annoy lots, cry lots and remember lots that Please God because Con, Baba Oisín and Little lady were here and left before their time that lives will be saved because of them.

Afterall it’s their Legacy!



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