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Visiting To Wish A ‘Happy New Year’

I visited our family grave, as I like to call it ‘Baba Oisin’s Garden’ yesterday, as I normally do most days. New Year’s Eve for me personally, is a harder day as ‘you’re saying Goodbye to yet another year, as in the Last Time We were Together is even Longer!! which as a mom, dad, wife or husband is understandable!

When I arrived at the cemetery, there I met a gentleman I know, a lovely man who lost his dear son to a road traffic crash many years ago! We spoke about how hard Christmas time can be and both shared the view that we find New Year’s even harder!

For me personally it’s 9 years since I ran upstairs and wished my Precious Baba Oisín a happy new year, I kissed him in his Grobag and had fingers crossed that he wouldn’t awaken, which he didn’t thank God. But I do so cherish the memory!!

Many People have told me over the years that grief gets easier with time, and ‘you’ll get over it’. Apologies to correct anyone who may have thought this, but 9 years on, it actually doesn’t get easier.

Grief is …… Con, Baba Oisín & Little Lady are always part of me, and they’re my treasure whom I’ll always love and adore! Visiting Baba Oisín’s Garden is a help, but My Beauties actually not being here, I’ll never get over!! But I do and will continue to cherish that I got the Grace to be Connie’s wife and bestest friend, to be a mom to our darling, beautiful Baba Oisín and that we all had the beautiful dream of looking forward to having precious Little Lady join our Happy Gang!

Enjoy every moment! #LifeIsPrecious

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