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Twomey Family Remorial Runs In Kilkenny :)

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2017 saw Twomey Family Remorial extend to Kilkenny also. smile

It was fabulous to see over 50 people run in Kilkenny in Twomey Family Remorial shirts for us, thanks to our dear friend and committee member Nigel O’Donovan who organised it with the support of his work colleagues at Their neighbours at VHI Healthcare showed great support for the run huge thanks to my dear friend Gillian and all her colleagues.


Con and Nigel both great hurlers and indeed great pals, had many an enjoyable debate re Cork V Kilkenny 🙂

Without doubt Con was particularly proud to see all the wonderful Kilkenny people wearing our Twomey Family Remorial shirts!

Along with that they raised an enormous €1,350 for the charities we were supporting in 2017, Bru Columbanus, St Josephs Foundation, Reachout, 3Ts and Samaritans Cork. Absolutely magnificent!

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 12.41.04

They like us so much in Kilkenny  😉 …………………………………that we’re running again in Kilkenny on Friday 4th May, my goodness, massive and enormous heartfelt thanks to Nigel and all at his great company

And a massive, huge thanks to my dear and lifelong friend Gillian who will be running and drumming up support from her friends and work colleagues at like last year, amazing!

And what about my ‘longest serving’ 😉 friend Mag who is extraordinary in so so many ways! Along with that she is also the reason we got to know Nigel 🙂

…………….Mag, Gill & Nigel …….  All of whom,  absolute lifelong Treasures! and my goodness Truly Blessed to be part of their lives!!




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