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TISPOL European Road Safety Conference 2016 #SuicideAwarenessTraining #LifeIsPrecious

Heartfelt Thanks to President of TISPOL Chief Superintendent Aidan Reid, General Secretary Ruth Purdie & All at TISPOL European Traffic Police Network for their really kind invitation to their International Road Policing Conference in Malahide, Dublin on May 25th.

During the conference I had the pleasure of listening to presentations outlining the fantastic work that is being done by Police Forces at home with An Garda Siochana and beyond wth the aim of reducing the risk to all of us on our roads.

TISPOL  launched Project #Edward  in Dublin.

TISPOL’s Project Edward is European Day Without A Road Death which is set for Wednesday 21st September 2016. They are encouraging us all to make a Road Safety Pledge.

I’ve made the pledge and I would genuinely encourage you all to do so!

Imagine, if we could have one day without a fatality!

One day where homes and hearts aren’t irreversibly shattered when a knock comes to the door to say that a loved one has been lost in a tragic crash!

No doubt with the efforts toward road safety awareness that TISPOL and their European Road Safety Colleagues ETSC are making, I have no doubt but that it will be a huge success. Honestly I think we must all make the effort to ensure it will happen. It’s not just their responsibility, personally I think we all have our own role to play in it’s success.

Please be sure and make that pledge #edward 🙂

On another note, it was extraordinary for me to meet with some of the lovely people that I had the opportunity to give my presentation to and chat with last October in Manchester. I was really pleased that they remembered my thoughts on suicide awareness training for all police forces and thankfully saw value in them.

They kindly asked me to have a chat with them about my campaign and raising police awareness of suicide issues.

I am eternally grateful to President Aidan Reid, General Secretary Ruth Purdie and the team at  TISPOL for all their help and support not to mention the fantastic opportunities they have given to me, to tell our tragic story and to express my thoughts on the need for suicide awareness training for all Police Officers.

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