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It’s Our 5th Twomey Family Remorial #LifeIsPrecious

It’s Our 5th Twomey Family Remorial #LifeIsPrecious

Twomey Family Remorial Weekend is getting ready for a momentous occasion in that we are having our 5th Twomey Family Remorial Weekend on June 9th and 10th. It is our first landmark anniversary in remembering Con, Baba Oisín and Baby Elber-Marie and in promoting how precious life is.


Each year we have had huge crowds support us and without you all, Twomey Family Remorial wouldn’t be so alive, please be assured whether you walk, run, cycle, join in our quiz, make tea and sandwiches, steward, take registrations or come to watch, we are honestly thankful beyond words.

2018 has already begun magically for our Twomey Family Remorial. January saw the super news of us having Seán Browne and his great team at Newmarket Motors and Volkswagen Commercial support our Twomey Family Remorial Weekend again this year, for the third year, huge huge thanks.


This year we will be honoured to have Chief Superintendent Jim Nye from Devon & Cornwall Police travel over to join in our Twomey Family Remorial Weekend, without doubt Con and my beauties will be proud. Huge respect to Chief Superintendent Nye, he is very kindly travelling over especially to be with us, to mark our 5th Twomey Family Remorial.


We will also be delighted to welcome members from Irish Roads Policing, from An Garda Siochána and from our Road Safety Authority to join us in remembering Con, Baba Oisín and Little Lady and to promote our value of how precious life is.

On Jan 15th we received the wonderful news that we are now a registered charity in Ireland. Furthermore, on Feb 20th we received a note from the Revenue who kindly told us that Twomey Family Remorial is approved for the Scheme of Tax Relief for Donations to Eligible Charities and other Approved Bodies. So if you want to donate a “few bob” to us you’ll get tax relief. wink

Personally, Twomey Family Remorial was launched, in 2014 in memory of my wonderful husband Connie, our beautiful Baba Oisín and his darling unborn sister Elber Marie Twomey whom we lost as a result our tragic crash in July 2012. Myself, my brother Tomás, and two of Connie’s closest friends, Thomas Mahoney and Gerard Angland, Con’s brother in law Aonghus along with Johnny Stack, Finbarr Murphy and Dan O’Connor set the weekend up to remember our Beauties, to promote the reality of how precious life is, to raise awareness of mental health and to promote road safety.

Cheques 2017

2017 saw Twomey Family Remorial extend to Kilkenny also. smile It was fabulous to see over 50 people run in Kilkenny in Twomey Family Remorial shirts for us, thanks to our dear friend and committee member Nigel O’Donovan who organised it with the support of his work colleagues at Their neighbours at VHI Healthcare showed great support for the run thanks to my dear friend Gillian. Indeed Con must have been proud to see all the wonderful Kilkenny people wearing our Twomey Family Remorial shirts! Nigel plans to hold this fabulous event again this year which is superb.


Twomey Family Remorial Weekend Has Now Raised Over A Massive €127,000 Since We Began In 2014.

Each weekend has opened in Meelin with the Connie Twomey Memorial Cup under 12 hurling blitz, as Con was an outstanding hurler. This has been followed by our entertaining table quiz organised by Aonghus MacDomhnaill.
On Sunday morning, our weekend moves to my hometown village of Rockchapel for our sponsored 55k & 110k cycles organised by Johnny Stack and Kanturk Cycling Club. We have a fantastic route with ‘The Sugán Challenge’ along with cycling through Meelin ‘The Highest Village In Ireland”
On Sunday afternoon, our weekend events return to Meelin for our 4 mile walk followed by our 4 mIle run organised by Finbarr Murphy and Duhallow Athletic Club. It’s a great run and what an achievement to be able to say ‘I ran to the highest village in Ireland’ Everyone is welcomed back from our events to lots of goodies and treats wink

More than 8,000 people from counties all over Munster and indeed across Ireland have taken part over the four years.

Without all this extraordinary help our weekend would not be possible. The committee of Gerard Angland, Dan O’Connor, Tomás Twomey, Thomas Mahoney, Johnny Stack, Nigel O’Donovan & Finbarr Murphy along with Dave Allen our IT expert, do untold work not just in the extremely busy lead up to the weekend but from January onwards when our preparations get underway.

To them all I personally owe a huge debt of gratitude and I know only too well that Connie, Baba Oisín & Little Lady are smiling down to see the way in which they are being honoured and remembered each year in our Twomey Family Remorial Weekend.

Our Weekend is centred on valuing how precious life is.
To date we have raised:
€11,700 for Torbay Hospital in Torquay, Devon
€11,700 for Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, Devon
€11,700 for Cork University Hospital
€24,362 for Brú Columbanus
€11,525 for Pieta House
€11,525 for Suicide Aware Cork
€17,333 for ReachOut
€17,333 for 3T’s – Turn The Tide Of Suicide
€3,100 Walk In My Shoes
€4,062 St. Joseph’s Foundation Charleville
€2,708 Cork Samaritans

That we have now raised and donated over €127,000 is a phenomenal amount which will certainly help many people in need and please God save lives. This is thanks to you all!

The Charities we are supporting for our 2018 Twomey Family Remorial are:
· Brú Columbanus Cork
· St. Joseph’s Foundation Charleville
· Irish Community Rapid Response
· 3T’s – Turn The Tide Of Suicide
· Cork Samaritans                                                                                                              . Samaritans Festival Group

We’d absolutely love to have you join us in remembering Con, Baba Oisín and Little Lady and in promoting the value of how precious life is whether you walk, run, cycle, quiz, watch or call for a cuppa and a chat 🙂

To join in our events you can register at 🙂

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#SuicideAwarenessTraining For All The Emergency Services

As You Know, I have been campaigning that All Our Gardai & Police Officers be trained in Suicide Awareness and in how to approach a Suicidal Driver.

However I have learnt, that training in Suicide Awareness is extremely necessary for All First Responders also.

Our First Responders in the fire and ambulance services in Ireland, are very often
the first to the scene of a incident where someone has indicated an intention to take their own life.

It wasn’t until I spoke with one of these first responders at a conference ,that I realised the gap in training that exists for them in this area also.

I spoke with Emergency Services Ireland about the Huge Need for Suicide Awareness Training for their Great Members:

TISPOL European Policing Road Safety Conference 2015 #SuicideAwarenessTraining #LifeIsPrecious

On October 6th 2015, With Huge Thanks to President Aidan Reid & General Secretary Ruth Purdie,

I was kindly invited to speak in Manchester, at The TISPOL European Policing Road Safety Conference on Vulnerable Road Users & Driver Suicide.


I briefly outlined why I have been campaigning for Police Forces across Europe to be trained in suicide awareness and in how to apprehend a suicidal driver.

This is because on July 6th 2012, at 2.47 pm, whilst on our family holiday in Devon, England, my family and I were involved in a tragic collision with a suicidal driver. The crash claimed the life of our precious 16 month old son Oisín and his beautiful unborn sister and left my husband Con and I fighting for our lives. Con never recovered from his injuries and regretfully died almost 10 months later.


Having looked at European Road safety Statistics 2014, whilst
it is fantastic and indeed a credit to all, that road deaths
are on the decrease with a number of years, yet tragically in
2014, 25,700 road fatalities were reported across the European
Personally, I would worry that looking at these facts and
indeed the prevalence of suicide among males, that cars have
indeed been used by some people of suicidal ideation. Since
our family tragedy in 2012, I have regretfully come across a
number of instances where this has been the case.
This created an awareness in me that, undoubtedly, Police
Officers are regularly called upon to locate, control and try to
bring to a safe conclusion such volatile situations. Because of
this, I have become involved with suicide support groups and
working to encourage Police forces to incorporate the

following in their training:

  • Suicide awareness training for all their members
  • To address vulnerable road users and suicidal drivers
  • To mention the impact that Police drivers can have on others.
Stressing the sad reality that cars have and can be used as a
lethal weapon, personally I would like to see that the
‘principle of least intrusion’ become the accepted code and
part of the training for dealing with vulnerable road users and
drivers who are known or suspected to be suicidal, and that
this approach and training be extended European wide.
Reality is that not all suicidal or indeed vulnerable people can
be saved, but this training will be of huge benefit to assist the
Police Officer who has to encounter such a stressful situation,
as indeed it may help the vulnerable or suicidal person that

they may encounter.

According to the official take on what happened, nobody did
anything wrong, my family’s death was unavoidable, and
there was nothing they could do. I believe differently – not
because I want to blame someone. It’s simply because
everyone should learn from what happened on July 6th
and I want to do all I can to make sure no other family has to
go through what my family had to go through, or indeed that
no other police officer has to go through this either.


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